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Something I've Noticed [Jul. 11th, 2007|01:17 pm]
Fantasy Lovers


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I've noticed that this is being viewed as a place to show fantasy art that you're SELLING.
While I appreciate that you're showing the art, I would appreciate it if you would wait until someone asks if it's for sale to say anything. And even then, only say it to them.
Because you're giving off the impression that Fantasy Lovers is a STORE. And it's NOT.

I love that you share your work with us and hope that you continue to do so.
And, please, do not think that I'm angry - I'm not. I simply don't want people to feel like this is a "OHMYGOODNESS! I HAVE TO HAVE STUFF TO SELL IN ORDER TO POST HERE!" or a "Oh, am I expected to buy the art that's shown here?" kind of community.

Thank you and have a wonderful day! ^___^